Course Outline

Module 1

Cameras & Lenses

Get to know the author, George Seper, before he introduces you to the world of professional photography as it exists today. This module is an extensive look at the equipment you will use, covering cameras, how they function and when to take advantage of the broad range of lenses available to you.

Module 2

Shutters, Aperture & Their Relationships

Learn how to control your camera and capture the images you have always imagined. George introduces powerful previsualisation techniques and provides an in-depth understanding of the settings available through your camera to achieve what you want, when you want.

Module 3

Exposure & Metering

Accurate exposure is the basis for all photography and this module draws on methods popularised by the great Ansel Adams, modernised to give you an edge in a competitive world. As a professional or advanced amateur you will be able to capture any subject consistently and with growing confidence.

Module 4

The Film & Digital Process

A short step back in time provides the basis for effectively working and photographing in a digital world. In understanding what comes before, we are able to take full advantage of the tools we have at our disposal today for ever improving photographs.

Module 5

Light & Colour

After understanding photographic equipment and exposure, light and colour is explored as defining factors in professional photography. Refine your ability to previsualise, see and think like a camera, then delve into post production techniques for monochromatic images.

Module 6


What is the world’s best lighting? This module takes an in depth look at natural and artificial lighting and how you can use these to your advantage. Explored in the context of portraiture, this knowledge is applied to all genres of photography and it is a crucial part of any good photographer’s education.

Module 7

How To Take Better Photos

George explains, through his extensive experience, the commercial realities surrounding photography and methods to help produce the best images you can. Learn from photographers you admire, analyse images to improve technique and recognise what they can be used for.

Module 8

Equipment & Software

Where is technology going and what do you really need to be a successful photographer? Develop a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages that different equipment provides, for now and in the future.

Module 9

Retouching, Resolution & Printing

Since the dark room, post production and printing has been a defining part of all photography. This module addresses how to get the best out of your images when it comes time to edit and print your work.

Module 10

The Studio

Working in a studio has many advantages for a photographer. Whether this is full time or only a passing requirement of your photographic practices, it is important that you are familiar with a studio space and the equipment it contains.

Module 11

Genres & Portfolios

Constructing a portfolio is one of the most important tasks a photographer carries out. This is ever changing and must develop as your photography develops. George explains the process and how to put your best foot forward in all circumstances.

Module 12

Photo Agents - Picture Agencies. How To Get Work & Keep It

As a professional or advanced amateur creating a style to call your own can help set you apart from the masses. Be an individual, work smart as well as hard and photography will be a lifelong passion as well as a rewarding career if you so choose.


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Interesting course and eye opening.

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