Traveling Photography with Yves Gagnon

A Small Window Into My Photographic Journey

About Me

Hello, my name is Yves Gagnon. I am a professional landscape photographer located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I hold a Diploma of Professional Photography from The Photography Institute with a specialization in landscape photography and an interest in portraits.

I have over ten years of experience, with some of my images featured in Fall 2018 Running Room Magazine, Grand Falls Tourism Guide, Social Media Platforms and select images displayed at the 2018 Exposure Photography Festival. Some of my images have also been selected by Suncor Energy Inc. to give as gifts to their employees.

My goal is to help simplify photography, remove the complexity, allow people to improve their skills, and better understand how to use their camera and gear.

My Work

As a landscape photographer, I like to photograph the local scenes i.e. around the City of Calgary, and the Canadian Rockies.

My website is; or to review my portfolio.


Since graduating from the Diploma program, I have created a small photography business in Calgary. The goal of my workshops is to help people improve their photography skills, make photography learning fun and simple. I want to remove the complexity in photography.

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