Photography Course Reviews

Jason Everitt

Moose Jaw, SK

I have always had a peripheral interest in photography and finally decided to pursue formal education in this regard. Through much research and speaking with graduates of this program, I decided to jump in and try it. Best decision ever!

George Seper was amazing to work with, and I consider myself to be very fortunate to have connected with him. The modules, lessons, assignments, and, most importantly, the feedback were always on point and immediately applicable to practising the craft.

This program has awakened an unquenchable thirst to capture the amazing world we live in, and I am excited to continue this journey through several of the advanced modules. Thanks again. Keep up the great work.


Philippe Durand

Calgary, AL

This course has changed my life.

I have not only enjoyed the actual material itself, but I also learned to discuss the topics and get feedback from George Seper, who was thoughtful, very helpful and direct. It kept me moving forward on the right path, and now the hard work begins where I am going to take my journey towards becoming a professional photographer.

The motivation and the ease of using the system to move forward made it so very easy for me to get through the course. I wouldn't have changed this experience for anything! Thank you so much, Photography Institute and George. This was the best investment in myself and my passion that I could have made!

If anyone is looking at this course and not sure, I say that there is no better place to come to get the knowledge you seek!


Yves Gagnon

Calgary, AB

The program is self-paced but with access to your tutor and online resources. If you are motivated and work independently, you can be successful.

Do not be afraid to try and fail, and get up again with more attempts. Keep trying, and you will be successful. I enjoyed the program, and I learned a lot. I thought I was a good photographer, but by reading the provided materials and applying the learned knowledge, you will learn a lot and WILL improve your photography skills.

You have to challenge yourself and be motivated. Don't be afraid, and allow this program to improve your photography and bring it to the next level. This is not a short-cut approach to photography but a well-rounded photography program to help you grow.


William J. G. Reilly

St. Catharines, ON

The Photography Institute has an excellent and cutting edge course from beginning to end.

As an intermediate/experienced Photographer, I felt that I might be wasting my money. However, that was not the case! The course offered a lot more than I originally expected and has given me the tools to be a successful Photographer.

I've already noticed a huge difference in my photographs as well as my work-flow. My client's see me as a professional because of the experience I've been equipped with along with the definitions ('photography lingo') I was taught. I recently spent about 6 minutes with a client who asked me where I went to school. I asked them why they should ask me such a question. They responded that I was very knowledgeable and they hired only the best! Take it how you may, I got the contract!

Overall, my experience with this course was great. My tutor was very prompt at answering all of my questions, which was fantastic as I could still maintain my work schedule and of course my income while progressing through the course.

If you ever thought about taking a course but didn't have the time to do so, I recommend The Photography Institute. This is not just because of their well packaged program, educated tutors and really nice website, but because you can work in your own pace, without the fear of missing a deadline and failing the course.

This course helps you build confidence and the skills needed to stand out against the thousands of Photographers out there!

Thanks again to the team at The Photography Institute...

Catheryne Bossé

Golden, BC

In my resolutions list for 2020, I wrote down that I would complete a certification. Which one? I did not have a clue what I was looking for or what I was going to do. One day, I grabbed my camera, like I do since I was 15, but this time, I took photos that I was really proud of, and that is when it hit me; 'Here goes my certification'!

I signed up for this class, not knowing if it would be my path or if it was really what I was meant to do or to become. I started my first module by actually realizing that I didn't know anything about photography, like, nothing! The modules were getting easier to read and understand through the course, and my practice behind the camera was getting much more enjoyable knowing what I was doing this time.

Finally, I did it! I did the whole course, and I am coming out of it with so much more knowledge, preparation and confidence. I am a total new photographer who is ready to take this hobby to the next level by believing in myself the way my tutor was.

In conclusion, I am proud of myself, and I will never stop learning about this beautiful and strong profession that we are all cherishing. This course, hands down, helped me grow personally and professionally. I am now turning the switch 'this is where I belong mindset' mode on! Keep calm, and keep taking pictures.

I would re-do it tomorrow. P.S: Keep the modules; these are bibles!

Jorge Sanz

Edmonton, AB

Starting as an amateur photographer, I needed a course that would allow me to learn while keeping my full-time job. The Photography Institute was a perfect choice; it offered plenty of time to go through the modules and work on the assignments.

The content is great, and it opened my eyes to many aspects of photography in terms of composition, lighting, and technique. The website was very smooth to navigate, the modules - despite being packed with information, were very easy to digest. The program helped me get out of my comfort zone, which at the time was wildlife photography. I have now done anything from portrait to product photography, and I feel way more confident with my camera.

It also helped me focus (no pun intended) and understand what makes a good photo and how to build a better portfolio. Overall, it gave me a whole new vision when trying to create images, and I saw a huge improvement with each module.

Perhaps, one of the most invaluable things in this course was having the tutor's guidance along the way. I'm very thankful to George Seper for his feedback and insight throughout the course. It has really helped me improve my photography.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey at the Photography Institute. It was a lot of fun!

Amy Wall

Charlottetown, PEI

I had dabbled in photography as a hobby for a little while, but only got serious about it when I was in university! I wasn't enjoying what I was studying in school and was convinced by others to pursue my passion and start focusing on photography at a professional level.

At the time there were no schools offering photography courses in my area so I decided to do some research for online courses. When I stumbled upon The Photography Institute, I could tell it was perfect for my learning style and for what I wanted to achieve as a photographer! I messaged previous students asking their opinion and read through the testimonials and was convinced it was the right move!

The price was also something that stood out, as it is significantly cheaper than attending a college course, and in my opinion, taught me so much more! I loved knowing that you are being taught and mentored by real successful Photographers whom you can look up to! The Facebook group for students was probably my favourite resource as it is so interactive and fun! You can simply get to know people and their work, as well as help each other through the course! There is definitely a huge sense of community there.

This has been an amazing experience for me and has taught me so much! I am excited to have this course under my belt and to move on to what's next!

Teddy D. Marron

Scarborough, ON

This course definitely took learning photography to a new level for me. Now, I can proudly say that I am able to create images rather than just snapshots.

It taught me everything from the very basics like knowing your gears and understanding that light is the most important aspect of photography all the way to the business side of photography.

The author George Seper, has an excellent approach for a novice Photographer and was able to guide me to understand why an image can be labelled as great and another not so great. Not to mention my tutor, David Goldman who was always very helpful especially with his timely answers to all of my questions. I enjoyed David's approach as he gave me his honest opinion on what he saw and he never attempted to"sugarcoat" his feedback, which was very beneficial to my learning style.

The support team was always there when I needed anything and they always responded very promptly to any of my needs.

A sample of some of the images that I have created are published with 'Canada Stock Photo':

My username is "hingikapa".

Good luck to everybody and happy shooting!...

Stephanie Combs

Edmonton, AB

A fun and Rewarding Course!

The Photography institute provided me with the knowledge and understanding to be confident in my photographic career.

This course is a fantastic way to learn from the basics of photography all the way to the business side of photography. I found it to be a rewarding challenge, which paid off greatly for me.

Having your own personal tutor answer any questions or concerns was very helpful. Each module and assignment gave me plenty of insight into the topic at hand and although often challenging I didn't find any of the modules to be impossible.

One of the major benefits from this course was the increase in work I received due to what I had learnt.

Whether you are looking to start a photographic career, or just wanting to take up a new hobby, The Photography Institute in my opinion, and through my own personal experience, would have to be one of the best choices you could make.

Thank you to The Photography Institute and my tutor for a great learning experience...

Angela Davies

St. Andrews, PEI

I have learned so much about photography, my camera and the equipment I need and how to use it.

This course has given me the confidence to move forward into developing my own business in boudoir and portrait photography while selling landscape photos on the side. The critiques from the instructors were valuable, as they all seem to be well recognized in the field of photography.

I have learned that I will never stop learning, and I am confident in what I do know and am well aware of what I still need to learn to further my craft. I am looking forward to the Portrait Advanced Module, which I just started after finishing my initial course, and seeing how I progress through the different stages in my personal and professional photography.

A fantastic course that I highly recommend to anyone looking at improving their photography for personal reasons, or launching a career in any aspect of photography.

Two thumbs up to the Photography Institute.

Sabrina Crimeli

Burlington, ON

Years ago I bought a DSLR. I got by taking what I would call "Lucky Shots" but never knew exactly what I was doing. I've always loved photography and finally decided that this year would be the year I take a photography course. I looked online and came across a few online courses but there was something about The Photography Institute that I really liked.

The course outline was great and the modules were very informative and fun to read. My tutor David was such a great help and always got back to me promptly with great direction and tips if I was lost or just needed that little bit extra advice. I can't thank him enough.

When I started the course I never thought that I would have ever actually started my own business, but I have and I am doing really well in it. The Photography Institute gave me all the tools and direction that I needed to understand the functionality of my camera and take a great photo. They not only taught me about Photography they also pointed me in the right direction to get my small business up and running.

I'm so glad that I took this course. I've accomplished more than I thought I could have and I owe it all to The Photography Institute. I highly recommend this course!

Thank you...

Soichi Murakami

Charlottetown, PEI

The Photography Institute provided a course that was very affordable, considering the excellent education it provides.

The modules were very well designed, and extremely advantageous for a photographer starting out in the business.

The Institute really stretched my limits as far as the art of photography, and also provided much practical guidance in starting a photography career.

I highly recommend it!

Renee Frost

Whitby, ON

This has honestly been the best photography course I have taken to date. I have taken both online and in class courses in the past and nothing compares to this one. George's instructional text, is written in the perfect sequence to help all levels understand and learn photography concepts. The course is very well structured, taking you from start to finish with very well thought out instruction and assignments to really get students using and more importantly applying the information they learned in the module.

The assistance provided from having my own personal tutor for the duration of the course was absolutely invaluable. My tutor was always prompt in responding to my questions, and continuously provided constructive criticism and encouragement.

This course gave me the knowledge I needed to turn a hobby into a career. I have and will continue to recommend this course to friends and colleagues...

Mark C. Springate

Whitby, ON

As a Land Surveyor, I wanted to improve the quality of the digital images I was providing to my clients. Many shots required tricky exposure and expert settings to wring out every descriptive nuance - 'one chance' shots in rugged environments with challenging lighting.

After careful research, I was satisfied that The Photography Institute would be the perfect match for a busy professional. I needed flexible, online learning with fast one-on-one tutor support. In short, the course delivered as promised.

You’ll benefit from decades of industry insight as George takes you on a journey, teaching you great photography, pausing to illustrate 'getting an eye' and visualizing for the shot, or expounding on the essence and beauty of light.

The course is a good read with a balance of technology, essential techniques, foundational concepts and art. You’ll absorb it as if chatting with a knowledgeable friend. Be prepared for your tutor’s honest, articulate and constructive comments. The Facebook Group is also a great way to connect with 1000s of fellow students globally.

I’m very pleased with my improved technical photography skills. Now I 'have an eye' for the shot and I’m ready to supply industry field images for the unquenchable magazine and web marketplace.

Whatever your reason for following up on this opportunity, know that this course is truly set apart from others, whether self-taught or institute-based. The Photography Institute will not disappoint. If you’re short on time, this is definitely the one to suit your hectic calendar!

Thanks to the PI Team ! ...

Jennifer Dow

Trochu, AB

I really liked the flexible schedule the course offered, the payment plan was also just as flexible.

I feel the course has helped improve my technical abilities as a Photographer. I really liked the tutor system. Anytime I had a question the response was quick and easy to understand. Signing up was easy and I suggested the course to a friend who is now enrolled!

The system for completing and submitting assignments was so easy to use and I found the feedback from my tutor on my work very helpful.

I have just started a photography business with two partners and i'm sure this course will help me succeed.

I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a career in photography!...

Andrew Mills

Flesherton, ON

Before I started this course, I had passion for photography, but I felt that to move to another level I would need some help.

The Photography Institute was exactly what I was looking for. It offers very detailed modules on very specific topics to do with photography. The amount of valuable information you get in each lesson is truly remarkable.

My tutor David was most helpful throughout the entire process for me. He always offered valuable advice and criticism. David always got back to me right away and was always so very supportive.

The skills I've learned have been directly responsible for generating more paid assignments for me. I will use everything I've learned here to continue to improve and keep generating more work...

Melissa Aschenbrener

Cupar, SK

The Photography Institute is the perfect online course.

I was able to take the course at my own pace and on my own free time, and with two kids (one newborn and one toddler) it is tough to find the time for a face to face course.

This course was very informative and my tutor was very helpful and wasted no time getting back to me on my questions. My tutor went above and beyond expectations to ensure I received the correct information, on the topics or questions I had, he made sure I felt comfortable with my knowledge as I was progressing throughout the course.

This course has helped me in so many ways, from getting to know my camera and how to use it, to different lighting situations, where to find work, and making my portfolio, just to name a few. I was able to get some jobs as I was progressing, and I just finished registering my business name. I have multiple clients and this is just the beginning.

The course goes into depth and has great links to further your knowledge and is extremely fun in the process. I had a great time and I cannot thank my tutor, the team and George Seper enough.

I look forward to learning more, about the different areas of photography, and I can’t wait for more courses from George Seper. I will definitely be going through The Photography Institute again! Thanks, The Photography Institute!..

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